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  • Coaching For Leaders

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    The BENEFITS of creating PERSONALLY EFFECTIVE leadership and life styles are endless and priceless.


    Partnering with talented people who are ready to create their COMPELLING FUTURE is a passion of mine.


    Effective leaders are participatory, flexible and powerful enough to inspire themselves and others. These people create fresh ideas that become catalysts to the innovation and change that is essential to high performance. Shifting their perspectives to craft ideas, solutions and results is necessary for the success and bottom line of both the organization and the leader.


    Through one-on-one coaching, learning, action plans and agreements, we design personalized strategies to leverage one's dynamic strengths, while raising the level of skills at work and at home. (Because how we do one thing is how we do everything.)

    Coaching is instrumental in achieving success with:

    • Identifying goals and overcoming roadblocks
    • Recognizing beliefs that hold a person back
    • Re-engineering beliefs to achieve goals and success quickly
    • Creating and maintaining effective relationships
    • Pinpointing the root cause of challenges
    • Perceiving all challenges as opportunities
  • What's a Coaching Conversation?

    It's a conversation just as it sounds.
    It's a conversation about your compelling future.

    “How is coaching different from therapy?”

    My favorite answer is that therapy takes people from “dysfunctional” to “functional” while coaching takes people from “functional” to “OPTIMAL”.


    Elite athletes, actors and executives have coaches.

  • About me

    Lauren Fischer, Certified Professional Coach

    Coaching = Art + Science

    As my responsibilities increased throughout nearly 20 years of bi-coastal leadership and team management at a Fortune 500 Broadcast Television Network, I practiced and applied lessons learned in building and motivating teams, problem solving, mentoring and working through conflicts to achieve results.


    As a Professional Life + Business Coach I have coached executives and managers from film and television production companies such as Bad Robot and Spectrevision, the Women of FOX Sports group, fX Network, Nielsen, independent film makers, animators, advertising entrepreneurs, non-profit professionals and political candidates.

    With a degree in Psychology and as a Certified Professional Coach (Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching) and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index attitudinal assessment, I work with people who are motivated to change their perspectives in order to achieve what they want.

    Accredited ACC by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

  • What it's like to work with Lauren Fischer

    I was facing a big job transition when I began working with Lauren. I went into coaching thinking I needed tips and tools on time management, getting through endless emails, and so on. And while Lauren certainly helped on that front, I got so much more out of our time together. She helped me uncover personal mental roadblocks that were holding me back professionally and personally. I always left my conversations with Lauren feeling that I had unlocked an inner truth about myself that I simply never understood before. She helped me use that understanding to approach things differently. Through coaching, Lauren gave me an appreciation that things are a process, not a single event, and to give myself grace as I am on this journey of growth. The skills Lauren helped me develop provided new approaches with how I show up at work and tackle life every day. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Lauren and highly recommend her if you’re looking to be your best self!


    Hilary, Deputy Director, Environmental Nonprofit

    An exceptional listener with the ability to immediately comprehend, assess, and present solicited recommendations, Lauren can help you / your team resolve a situation as a trusted mediator or integrate herself as a highly valuable asset.


    Lisa, CEO/Entertainment Producer

    Lauren Fischer provided new insights and a path forward that allowed me to achieve my goals. Lauren was flexible in her approach and incorporated tools that I am able to continue to use. I have referred her to others and would work with her again!


    Miki, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

    I started working with Lauren at a time when I was incredibly stressed, feeling completely remiss about my job and like I was losing sight of my true self. My work with Lauren over the past year has given me the tools to take a step back and reconnect with my strengths, to rediscover who I am and to approach work and life with a new mindset. I didn’t know what to expect when I began this work, and I love that I’ve received so many unexpected benefits from it. Now when I find myself confronted with stressful situations I can take a beat and truly think about what’s happening. I’ve become much calmer and happier about everything. And very importantly, I’ve learned to be nicer to myself, and although it’s still a journey, I feel like I’m moving forward, and I truly have Lauren to thank for this. Lauren is extremely warm and supportive and challenges you to think differently and to take actions based upon that. I highly recommend her as a career and overall life coach.


    Dana, Television Executive

    Prior to working with Lauren, I was incredibly overwhelmed at work and was putting an excessive amount of emotional energy into my thoughts about work. I'm an avid reader and have found a plethora of personal development resources, tools and tips in books. However, there's no replacing in-person coaching. The opportunity to have dialogue with a trained professional that helps you map out a compelling future and unmask any barriers is invaluable. Working with Lauren allowed me to unearth a few belief systems I didn't know I believed in. After exploring these systems, I was able to turn a corner and give myself permission to view situations I saw as unpleasant as merely realities. It was no longer entirely necessary to place emotional energy into the scenarios and no longer necessary to feel drained or defeated. The best time to start working with a coach is yesterday, the second best time is today. Working with a coach like Lauren is a must do experience as the process will be profoundly insightful. I highly recommend the entire process.


    Tara, National Accounts, Cruise Line

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